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on third down and long and he consistently beat the detroit lions in the clutch. this is the next step forward in my mind for alex smith. >> al: he made huge strides last year. everybody said the defense is great and they ran the ball great so he was a game manager. almost back a badge of dishonor to be called a gauge manager. >> cris: but jim harbaugh gave him a lot of credit. he said the first time i sat down and met with alex smith, he said i want to win and i want to win here. he said for all of the abuse that this guy has taken in this area from the media and the fans and even his own teammates and coaches over the years, it would have been really easy for him to say you know what? forget all this. i'm going somewhere and i'll show you guys. he said it's not in his dna. he wanted to win right here and prove that he could take this thing to a championship. tonight, he shows you a lot. >> al: here's logan downing it in the end zone. lions will take it at the 20 with 3:04. looking at the numbers tonight. stafford throwing a lot of short stuff. 23 attempts in 133 yards and then alex s
to remember the detroit lions and matthew stafford passed for over 5,000 yards a season ago and to see 67 yards in a half, that means they are playing in jim harbaugh/san francisco 49er kind of football. somehow, the lions have to get it into lion football, you know? i know they are being patient, they want to get some catch and runs, but, at some point, maybe you take a deep shot against these safeties and just give calvin johnson a chance to go up and get one. >> al: 49ers get the ball first. kendall hunter is back to receive the kickoff from hanson. ch team coming off a week one win and the 49ers will start from the 20. >> cris: one of the things you want to do against an aggressive pass rushing team are some of the whams and the traps. delanie walker here is going down on ndamukong suh. a big run. same theory on this one. back down inside with a different angle, a different way of doing it. and then just the guard pulling across and trapping yet another big run. that has been the way that the 49ers in each of the last two meetings now have been able to move the football against the li
the pressure on. third down and 14 for the 49ers. >> cris: interesting how many times you watch the detroit lions and they don't look that great. you think, oh, boy. what is going on? and then in the fourth quarter, the defense comes to life and they need a play right here. you can feel a little moment shift with gunther cunningham's squad, if they can make a play right now. >> al: they have to get to the 42 for a first down. and that is crabtree and he will get to the 43 yard line! he needed 14. he got 15. gore helped spring them. first down. >> cris: frank gore lined up in the backfield and circle out. watch the block he makes on the tail end of this play. crabtree makes the catch and then it's gore that up-ends the defender standing there thinking he was about to make that tackle. good catch by crabtree too. we talked about how great his hands are. two times now he has been able to convert and keep this drive alive. >> al: a good screen block at the end. from the 43. using up the clock. under six to play. swing it out to gore. gore turns it back up field with a nifty move and all the way
? in about 20 years, that handshake last year in detroit is going to be part of a beer commercial. did you ever think dennis green or jim mora in the melt downs thought they would make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a beer commercial? >> cris: danny green. i have this vision. >> al: you can crown them. >> cris: yeah. crown them. >> al: the 49ers will need one more kneel-down and that is going to do it. and they will go to 2-0. the lions will go to 1-1. the lions take on tennessee. a home week for jim schwartz and nashvil nashville. the niners play three straight home games against buffalo, the giants and seattle in october. there is schwartz and harbaugh. we saw them shake hands before the game. handshake after the game. >> cris: they looked tough to me. the 49ers look tough to it me. look like an old ravens kind after team or a steelers kind of a team. >> al: wendy's postgame show is coming up next. the 49ers knock off the lions 27-19. . anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two
of the game if san francisco recovers it. or maybe a little drama if detroit recovers it. >> cris: believe me, the last thing jim harbaugh wants to deal with is calvin johnson running down for a hail mary at the end of the game. this is that point in the game where you're going let's end this thing. get your hands team out there. and get it over with. >> al: special teams coach, danny crossman. there is the special teams coach of the 49ers. >> cris: this is one of those jobs they used to put me on the hot corner because i was a little taller and they would bounce the balls. not a whole lot of fun. they end up protecting the guy a little bit better now blockers in front allow vernon davis or one of their receivers to come down and make the catch. >> al: so the 49ers with what they call a hand see for the most part. you see vernon davis out there. hanson. remember, it has to go ten yards before a lion can recover it. everybody up at the 45 yard line. now the 49ers are going to take another time-out. >> cris: interesting. there is nobody back in the middle of the field. you could take this kick
detroit lions gear. the chief believes putting officers in the opposing team's jerseys can cut down on fan violence. the sfpd used a sim laugh strategy during the nfl playoffs games last season and during dodger-giants games at at&t park. fans go through metal detectors as part of the new nfl security policy. >> marin county transit officials will decide tomorrow whether to accept a new less costly contract for bus service. the reduced rate contract would save the county a million dollars a year and will save the jobs of 125 golden gate transit workers. those jobs would be eliminated if marin county chose another bus service provider. >> alan: the last night of construction at sfo, at least this weekend. one of the main arrival runways is closed until tomorrow morning while crews work ago lengthening the runway and installing new lights. the construction will shut down the runway again during the weekends of september 21st and september 28th. >> ama: minutes ago nasa postponed the final flight of the space shuttle endef vow 24 hours due to bad weather. it will now be tuesday when it flies
fans are pumped up this morning. >> their team roared over the detroit lions while up in the stands and police were busy even if you didn't see them. plus there is new concern about a homeless camp at a san jose park. don't forget you can wake up with ktvu channel 2 morning news every morning. get the morning's top stories sent straight to your cell phone. get your morning wake-up call by texting the word make up to 7.123. [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] ♪ . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, in san jose there are new concerns about a homeless camp after several suspicious fires. all of the fires were minor but they are being investigated as arson and that has people in the area worried. i think that would make me feel safer but you still can't stop people from doing what they want to do. >> there have been several small fires since that homeless camp moved into the area. a new study finds kids are eating as much salt as
in morning and the 49ers roared all over the detroit lions last night while up in the stands, police were secretly very busy. >> plus, where the bay area begins where it costs the city the most and least for the transit system. mapmapp 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's's family fri
bay, but the niners were clicking on all cylinders from the guys from the motor city, the detroit lions. let's get to the action. prior to kickoff, the coaches shook hands. look at this, nothing like a staged photo shoot. go ahead, you and i smile. we get along for a little bit. he hits davis. frank gore crosses the goal line. san francisco rolling early. 14-6. what about fourth quarter? detroit looking for answers. stafford is pressured. taken down by brooks. would be ruled down at the 30 yard line. they end it with a drive with a 48 yard field goal. davis cut back. cross the goal line. touchdown. 49ers, 73 yards receiving, 27-12. 49ers at that point they win 27-19. >> i'm extremely happy for alec. he made made a lot of plays for us. michael crabtree stepped up as usual. carried over from last week and the defense did an outstanding job helping us. >> dade great job all night in the run and the pass. we put a lot on those giefs up front. not only do they have to be physical they have to be able to think on their feet and they do a great job of that. >> tough as a $2 steak. >> t
.and to they play tonight? >> they're at home against colorado's. >> the 8--the a's are going to detroit. now, you have the detroit, the yankees all fighting for playoffs. and i tell you that if the a's get through this. let us see, they have 10 games. if they have seven victories they deserve to get in. >> with to of a wild-card spots and usc is 13.. now, i can tell my neighbor where they are ranked? >> it is terrible, i do not give a moment's peace. they always want statistics. and everybody asks what is the weather from the weather person? or i get referred to as the weather person from kron 4? [laughter] 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all
about joshua smith. he set up a lemonade stand to raise $1,000 for his cash-strapped hometown of detroit. he ended up earning more than $3,000 and then get this. an executive from a play ground company saw the report and over the weekend, on joshua's 10th birthday, kevin cook surprised him with plans for a $50,000 playground to be built at a nearby park. play ground will open at the end of the month. we loved hearing that. >>> when we come back on the broadcast, so many "world news" viewers reveefling to us their very personal reason why they reached out to that bullied bus monitor. why so many simply could not monitor. why so many simply could not stand by at just watch. that could be tion of blood. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.
. 49ers saying they are a force to be reckoned with. up against the detroit lions the touchdown passes from alex smith vernon davis helped secure a win over the lions 27-19. this game it was awesome. new york giants almost dropping the ball against the buccaneers. they heated up in the second half eli manning throwing for 510 yards. andre brown scoring on a 2 yard run with 31 seconds left in that game. the giants won 41-34. an upsetting home opener for the new england patriots. they could win that against the quarterback kevin hall with through for one touchdown ran for another. thanks to a missed field goal the cardinals won 20-18. >>> i was in the airport folks were live outside of the restaurant watching. >> going crazy. >> now 42 after the hour coming up it is the last chance to answer the question of the day. do you think the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was coordinated? >> not so lady like. lingerie football player flat on her back. >> lingerie football. >> look at that? (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with c
to remain financially stable. >>> the 40 that this defense kept the detroit lions out of the end zone and at the end zone for the mass the the game. al smith connected with and then did this and that touched down one. san francisco he still tried 27 to 19. the pleasant and should. >>> oakland tied in the first when carson palmer makes it pitched too much good singing and that was a touchdown. it was over the raiders after that. going to lose of 35 to 13. >>> josh ready good defense into nothing did and still later. the royals and the coming back to win again in '95. two teams in a position for american league wild-card spot as the closest team being to a half games behind. despite taking a pounding yesterday against arizona at the pitcher run and has been struggling the past couple of months. diamondbacks when 10 to two. giants racing, rather of tonight. >>> between the united states and australia have u.s. as of smoking to surpass and then listen left foot shot right in the back of the net to tie the game. that is our pledge of the game. >>> an italian gossip magazine published a 26
, but also abroad as they sell detroit's finest around the globe. of the $350 billion worth of cars and auto parts produced here last year, $123 billion were exported. today's action came just as china challenged a u.s. trade law passed in march. china claims that law allows for unfair tariffs on a wide range of chinese-made products. of course, today's action also comes in the midst of a heated presidential campaign. republican candidate mitt romney accuses president obama of playing nice with china. many see this action as a chance for the president to look tough before the november election. >> there's nothing really new about the trade allegations that have taken place the timing is political opportunist for both sides however, this is not an indication that the us and china are headed to a trade war, and this is not an indication that either side takes trade enforcement lightly. this is simply a taking a trade issue and framing for a moment of political convenience for both sides. >> reporter: sean west of the eurasia group says when it comes to the w.t.o. rules, the u.s. and china both
-9. they wrap up the 4-game series tonight. the lions visiting san francisco on sunday night football. detroit's down a point in the first when matthew stafford's wobbly pass over the middle is intercepted by dashon goldson... that led to a touchdown. lions still down in the fourth when alex smith rolls out and finds vernon davis for his second score of the day. the lions lose 27-19. the vikings also lost, so every team in the nfc north is 1-1. the nhl is in the second day of a lock-out, and no formal talks are planned to reach a new agreement. players are now free to sign with other leagues, and the nhl could announce the cancellation of games as early as this week. the blackhawks have already alerted season ticket holders they will get refunds if games are cancelled. this is the league's fourth work stoppage since 1992. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next ... good afternoon. here are the winning pick three numbers:356 here are the winning pick four numbers: 2 6 6 8 the power ball jackpot is now at $149 million. @Ñ 0úkñÑú?p@kúwúz0(ú?(> né'húç@@o@o
. the officers are wearing 49ers gear or detroit lions colors. they plan to be in fan areas including the stands and will be looking for unruly fans. 49er fans should treat the lions fans as if they are officers because they could be. >>> the owners of a san jose sharks asked for fans to be patient after the lock out was announced. the owner said that please know the fans and partners are our number one priority. your excitement and mitt commitment to the franchise is, unparalleled. players blame the owners for the labor dispute saying they are working for a deal that's fair for everybody involved and they apologized to the fans. >>> time for us to look at the weekend forecast. pretty nice today. let's go to mark. a little bit cooler than yesterday. >> that's right. temperatures have been dropping off. this to the last weekend of summer. >> can't believe it. get ready for fall. we were talking about a cooling trend. the low clouds and fog as you can pick out showing up on the satellite hugging the coastline. few patches in to the bay and a few high clouds as well. we have a good on shore breez
casino. clarification, ama is a 49er fan, but she has a friend who is a detroit fan. >> that's right, i have a friend. >> leave it at that. >>> up next, the race for the white house and president obama's plan to beef up his foreign policy. >> and the royal battle between william and kate and the tabloids heats up. wewe will tell you what is happening tomorrow. >> and a baby born in the most unlikely spot, and the special treat she gets for life. >>> i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. in today's headlines, an electrical shock and explosion forced the closure of the bart civic center station. the trains going through san francisco were shutdown for an hour. 24r* were no reports of injuries. >>> monday is the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement, and there are several scheduled demonstrations tomorrow. some protesters are already camping out in front of the bank of america building in san francisco. >>> a wanted man lead police on a chase before holing up in a motel 6 in newark with his girlfriend. s.w.a.t teams were called in. the suspect surrendered peacefully after about four h
is a detroit fan. >> that's right, i have a friend. >> leave it at that. >>> up next, the race for the white house and president obama's plan to beef up his foreign policy. >> and the royal battle between william and kate and the tabloids heats up. wewe will tell you what is happening tomorrow. >> and a baby born in the most unlikely spot, and the special treat she gets for life. >>> i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. in today's headlines, an electrical shock and explosion forced the closure of the bart civic center station. the trains going through san francisco were shutdown for an hour. 24r* were no reports of injuries. >>> monday is the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement, and there are several scheduled demonstrations tomorrow. some protesters are already camping out in front of the bank of america building in san francisco. >>> a wanted man lead police on a chase before holing up in a motel 6 in newark with his girlfriend. s.w.a.t teams were called in. the suspect surrendered peacefully after about four hours. >>> and balloons were released and a prayer said at the sierra lam
for these baseball games. > the 49ers will take on the detroit lions but they're going to be dressed as fans. the officers will be dressed as the players. as they stay on alert. the will closely monitoring police activity >> i think that it is the right thing to do. i hope this is a model for other teams. >> as far as the the feeding the alliance? they have a plan to use this for undercover officers in other teen jersey's depending on who the airplane. says the 49ers had victory, we will have more highlights come later. since the 49ers-had victory. >> after reports of an explosion and smoke. this police tape showing that this train car malfunctioned no injuries. still ahead on kron 4 news. the iphone 5 still shattering sales expectations. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to our test facility to see if it worked. [ woman ] take a deep breath, tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. a clean hous
head to detroit to face tigers tomorrow night. >> 49ers are 2-0 after winning their home opener at the stick. it in connected with days for touchdown on the first drive of the game the first of two td catches for davis. running back gore ran for 89 yards, couple penalties against lions lead to a one yard touchdown 9ers win 27-19. >> great plays, vernon made a great up down and we kept going. >> the 9ers are now preparing for a trip to minnesota to meet the vie kingses next sunday entitle miami raiders started well against dolphins palmer dumps it, goodson 65 yards for touchdown raiders led 10-7 at the half downhill from there, bush went off in the second half, breaks four tackles for a touchdown bush gained 172 yards on the ground for two td's raiders fall to 0-2, losing 35-13 they host the steelers >> in morning lawyers for britain's royal family are going to court in france over dispute over photos of william's by kate sunbathing topless. they want criminal charges again the photographer. photos were taken when william and kate vacationed at a private estate in southern france
numbers. >> my prediction, even though the dead votes of chicago, detroit, and cleveland i predict that we will win. >> now, also with an interview with tpm, there was this comment. he doubled down bauer. the quote is, voter fraud is rampant in urban areas. i'm raising this to you, because you did the study. from your study and studies that you have also looked over and reviewed -- >> yep. >> have you found rampant voter fraud and is there any scientific data to support that the people voting for the president are people that are dependent on a check in the mail from the government and any of these other class and race-based accusations? >> absolutely not, reverend. those kinds of statements are not in keeping with american values. you know, in america, voting is a fundamental right. it is not a privilege. when you're at the ballot box, whether you are rich or poor or whether you are young or old or whether you are a democrat or a republican, you are ee fall at the ballot box and it is so important when we hear that kind of rhetoric, everyone out there goes and registers to vote. there are
the city is not doing, something the landlord is not doing. i see this in detroit, where i see grandmothers refusing to leave their homes, lying down in the offices of their mortgage companies, saying i am not leaving. people in chatanooga say they are not leaving this public housing unit. we are seeing this in chicago with the teachers' strike. that is one of the hotbeds of direct action. we see incredible work by the chicago anti eviction campaign, other homeless communities, saying we do not recognize the bank's ownership of these vacant houses. bank of america cannot just slap a sign on behalf of the homes in our neighborhood and say you cannot go in, where more and more people are being displaced by the capitalist system. they are going in and taking these places over, creating not just a place to live, but we're creating something that should not be owned by the bank's right now. >> sarah, did you know you're part of a larger movement, as you were organizing a rent strike in your building? >> organizing a rent strike in the building, it was not easy, knocking on every one store. -- ev
and the developing countries and the compression on places like detroit and pittsburgh. and i grew up in detroit, but i know god wasn't born in detroit. these developing countries growing is a triumph for humanity. so there's a lot of stress in the system long term, demographic, structural. you're right. it's not going away in the next year or two. >> do we know if soros is bankrolling anything that's going on outside? >> i do not believe he has anything to do with that, and i know him very well. >> and does the institute, would they take on a role as a surrogate? would you ever be open to speaking for the movement on a formal level? >> i would be open to speaking to the movement because the void that you described in terms of ideas and concrete structure, i, as an independent group, we would be very happy to engage with them and talk with them just like we are with anybody else. but we will not speak for the movement. >> rob, interesting stuff. please come back. >> my pleasure. nice to meet y'all. >>> straight ahead, home builders seeing some huge gains over the past few months. despite today's
bailout. those same things when mitt romney said let's let detroit go bankrupt, have a conversation about the auto bailout, about foreign policy and now that obama administration has not run from their record which was the assumption, which would be done, now the republicans are left flat footed wow, he has some answers and they then do not have answers to those. >> in fact, we did build it. >> we're also learning something through this process about romney as a manager and leader he was a turn around specialist is a myth. we ran a series of stories a couple weeks ago showing what romney did at bain wasn't turn around companies, he didn't even care about turning around the companies. what he did was go in and suck value out of the companies before they collapsed and he got his money whether they collapsed or not. he doesn't have experience in managing. he wouldn't know anything about the business hess was running. he was proud of that fact. other people do that. they took out the money and got out of dodge before the companies fell apart. the idea he's a managerial expert who knows how to
they should lead detroit go bankrupt was harmful to him in michigan. the company still emerges and that is lost as the headline, " let detroit go bankrupt." there was a story done by my colleagues and i trust there reporting. they are both fine reporters. that is what happens in campaigns. they start talking to reporters about how bad the other guy is. if you're in the obama campaign, nobody is doing that. host: charlie in new jersey. caller: i saw that a bill was passed in congress that will change our contributions to israel from $3 billion a year to roughly $10 billion to $12 billion a year. the price of gas in the united states is almost $4 per gallon. we have cut off the ability of i oil.o sell guest: i'm not aware of that bill. you can go to the library of congress website to get a report of where that stands. that doesn't sound right. that is an authorization measure. people spend up to that amounts. the funding for israel has been relatively stable over the year at about $3 billion. so you will not see a fourfold increase of foreign aid to israel. host: the house passed
manufacturing jobs. a whole lot of them right here in ohio. when there were some who said, just let detroit go bankrupt, when there were folks who were willing to walk away from all the jobs that are supported here in ohio by the auto industry, i bet on american workers. and three years later -- >> that's president obama in columbus, ohio. shiller park, in fact, which is part of german village right off the downtown area there in that capital of the battleground state. we've been listening to the president explain why he says he needs four more years to, among other things, fix the issues facing the country. the vice presidential contenders are in iowa this hour. republican nominee paul ryan will be speaking in des moines. and we will take you there. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ cle
. they beat the detroit lions, 27-19 in prime time last night and moved to 2-0 on the season. tight end vernon davis caught two touchdowns and this was a big story line last night. coaches jim harbaugh and jim schwartz met before the game with a friendly hello and a handshake. no bro hug. last season the two almost came to blows after a game. what a difference a year makes. >> i was uncomfortable man hug moments. >> you're against that? >> the lingering ones maybe, you know. you wonder what they're talking about. >> a hug over a fist fight any day, guys. >> that's true. >>> we want to get an early read on the local news making national headlines. this from the omaha world herald. the billionaire investor told a group of newspaper executives, quote, it's a great day for me. the 82-year-old buffett endured his 44th and final day of radiation on friday. he says he's relieved it is finally over. he expects to be feeling the negative effects of treatments for a couple more weeks but he'll be back up to full speed. >> sunny disposition he had. >> a few billion helps. >> yes. >> so from the orlando s
you said and said we're not the worst schools in the country, detroit is the worst schools in the country, i said good for you, don't be guilty of low aspirations. i must say chicago has made progress, it's probably now the fourth worst school district in the country. i say this a big ironically. host: what are the problems? spell out the problems for the city. guest: the main problem, of course, is the condition of kids in inner cities in america. and i don't blame teachers for that. that is they are getting a lot of kids who do not have parental interest, parental involvement, a lot of kids from single parent homes. look, the singlemost important fact for the american future is 40 percent of our kids are born out of wedlock. this makes a difference in life, this makes a difference in society. so a lot of the kids that teachers and schools have to work with come to them less than ready for school, and what can they count on after school? some kids find, other kids know, it's not so good. so understand that the material they're getting isn't all potential rhodes scholars, w
are celebrating the win over the detroit lions. it wasn't all cheers for some fans. police kicked out rowdy spectators an several others were arrested for being drunk in public. some fans say they are okay with the increased enforcement. >> i think it's great. it keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure everyone goes in -- everything goes in to watch the game. >> yeah, 49ers! >> the 9ers won 27-19. they are now 2-0. the raiders lost to miami, 35-13. they are now 0-2. >>> a new study is out that says bay area transit systems are among either the most and least cost-efficient in america. the uc berkeley compared 54 transit district the all over the country. now, san francisco was ranked second best for cost efficiency behind denver. silicon valley was raved the second least cost-efficient transit system. the co-author of the study explained the results in a ktvu special report. >> unless you have the densities in place to really generates the trips and fill the bus, these are not gonna turn out to be cost-effective investments. >> now, a spokesperson says they are building for the future a
they are a force to be reck owned with. upagainst the detroit lions. they look sensational and allex smith helped tod secure a big win. and now to the best of the best. reggie bush. star of hard knocks. 172 yards and helping the miami dolphins beat the oakland raiders and best come back. and eli manning a bad first half . shakings off three nit's and finished with a record performance and three scores and the giants win. 41-34. >> and best upset, the arizona cardinals. and the new england patroits. and bringing all of gretchen's kids for tear the . cardinals win 20-18 on a 43 yard miss. and best rookie performance. it is andrew luckinging the colr first win. they end up on top of the vikings. >> allyson: it was a crying kay. did junior get a hit. >> steve: that is something sosay. >> gretchen: jeter and other baseball players having great lits. >> brian: how is his bruise. >> gretchen: that's too personal. >> brian: time i swell up you will not hear from me. >> gretchen: my goodness. >> steve: and someone else who is not having a good week. netanyahu wanted to meet with the president of the unite
they beat the detroit lions 27-19 on sunday night football and improved to 2-0 on the season. tight end vernon davis was huge. he caught two touchdown passes. and this was the big story line. look at that friendly handshake between coaches jim harbaugh and jim schwartz. they met before the game with a friendly hello. a lot different than last season when the two almost came to blows after a game. so a little friendlier this time. how about some politics snl style. "saturday night live" opened its 38th season with a new president obama. jay farrell was sworn in taking over the presidential impression. >> so america i know you're not in love with me anymore but i want you to know that my heart still beats for you, and i can prove it. ♪ i am so in love with you that was fun, right? so, do you want that or this? ♪ e-i-e-i-o >> all right. that is a take on mitt romney again. brace yourselves on the campaign trial. >> he did such a good job. if you look at what he really looks like. they did a masterful job on his makeup. we can tell you about the uprising overseas and the violence, that
. a lot of them right here in ohio. some folks said we should let detroit go bankrupt. they said that we should walk away from an industry that supports one out of a jobs in ohio. i said, we are not going to go that way. i bet on the american workers and three years later the american auto industry has covered itself with more jobs. 350,000 jobs. [cheers and applause] now, we can give more tax breaks to corporations who send jobs overseas, or we can start rewarding corporations and companies for offering new plans, training new workers, creating jobs right here in ohio, right here in the united states of america. right here. i understand my opponent has been running around ohio. don't boo. vote [cheers and applause] vote. he has been running around ohio, talking about rolling up his sleeves and taking the fight to china. [laughter] here is the thing. his experience has been owning companies that were pioneers in the business of outsourcing jobs to countries like china. he made money investing in companies that of routed from here and went to china. pioneers. you cannot stand up to china
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